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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Creating an Andy Warhol-like Effect with GIMP

°❑ Includes:

❑ Using guides

❑ Resizing the canvas

❑ Threshold dialog

❑ Anchoring a Layer

❑ Part 1 - Prepare the base image to copy

❑ From an existing image, make a square selection that will be the image used in your creation

❑ Use the Rectangular selection tool

❑ Select 'Fixed aspect ratio'

❑ Set Width and Height to equal numbers ( I don't think it matters what numbers)

❑ Apply Filters - Enhance - Unsharp Mask to the selection

❑ Set the amount between 2 and 3

❑ From the image menu, Layer - Colors - Threshold
After you select Threshold, click anywhere in the image to open the dialog

❑ Set the middle slider so the lower bound (on the left) is 100

Edit - Copy (Ctrl+C)

❑ Part 2 - Create a new image

❑ Create a new file, File - New

❑ By default, the Width and Height should be equal to the dimensions of the base image

❑ Now resize the new image to fit four copies

Image - Canvas Size

❑ From the drop-down, select 'percent' instead of 'pixels'

❑ Change Width and Height both to 200

❑ You should now have an image with a white square in the upper left and the rest transparent

❑ Next, expand the white square to fill the image

Layer - Layer to Image Size

❑ Save in xcf format

❑ Part 3 - Position the guides

❑ From the image menu, Image - Guides - New Guide (by Percent) ...

❑ Select 'Horizontal' from the drop-down, set at 50%

❑ Repeat the two previous steps, this time selecting 'Vertical'

❑ Part 4 - Paste, position, and color the base image

Edit -Paste (Ctrl-V)

❑ This places one copy of the base image in the center

❑ Select the Move tool and position the image in one corner

Filters - Colors - Colorify ...

❑ Select red

Edit -Paste (Ctrl-V)

❑ This places another copy of the base image on top of the red one

❑ Select the Move tool and position the image in another corner

Filters - Colors - Colorify ...

❑ Select green

❑ Repeat these steps to fill and color the other two corners

❑ Part 5 - Closing out

❑ Anchor the copies to the background by using Layer - Anchor Layer (Ctrl+H)

View - Show Guides (deselect)

❑ Save your finished creation

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