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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jumping Out of Frame

Here is a cool photoshop trick you may have seen before. Take a photo and make it pop out. It is something I've always thaught looked really cool. Well after seeing one on the net again today it inspired me to make one for myself:

external image finalresult.jpg

Now, here is a quick and dirty guide on how I did it.

Take your starter image. Once you have tried this once you will find it easier to pick a source image that is going to work well.

external image guide0.jpg

Firstly sort out your layers. Set a black background with your source image above that on a new layer, and have a blank layer on the very top. On your top layer you need to make a rectangular selection which will form the outer edge of your frame. Place it and size it so that it is over a portion of the picture and make sure the part of the picture you want to jump out is outside the selection. Fill it in white.

external image guide1.jpg

Once this is done you want to keep the selection and choose Select - Modify - Contract and use an input of around 50 and accept. Press delete and you will have your border in place. CTRL + D to deselect.

external image guide2.jpg

Now for perspective. Firstly you want to press CTRL + T then right click and choose perspective, you can now move the frame around to achive the perspective you want. Theres no system to make this easier, basically move the frame around untill you get a perspective for it that you are happy with. Press enter to apply.

You can make final adjustments to the frame using CTRL + T then right click and choose distort. This allows you to fine tune the framing.

external image guide3.jpg

Now for the blacking out. You could use a mask on the origional layer or be quick and dirty like me and make a new layer and paint on it with black. The object of this is obviously to paint around the white frame and any part of the subject that you want to keep that is sticking out of said frame. There many methods to do this, again quick and dirty is a paint brush with feathered edges zoomed to 200-400% and slowly paint around.

To finish off the frame so it runs behind your subject go back to the frame layer, lower the opacity to 50% so you can see where the subject starts and stops, take out your eraser and erase that section of the white line, once done put the opacity back to 100% and you are done.

Here is another I prepared earlier external image wink.gif

external image guide4.jpg

Theres pleanty more you can do with this effect, adding more details outside the frames, using a white background instead and adding shadows etc. Here is an example of what can be done:

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